The Ship Inn, Gillingham, Kent
01634 571028
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Saturday 8th December 2018 at 9pm

Wax Collector + ChickenShit Blues Band
Wax Collector  weblinkweblink

Wax Collector are three members of the infamous Cenet Rox comprising of Keith Seddon on Bass , Nick Hughes and Faversham drummerman 'Jonno' (John Punt) who have got back together after far far too many years. They play a mixture of self penned songs written by Nick and a few covers sprinkled on top . The name derives from an old Cenet Rox song based on the horror fillum House Of Wax.

The songlets cover a wide range of subjects from French chaperones in 'Mamer' to the dubious joys of one way passion in a car 'This Loving Man' played in a wide range of styles from Jazz Waltz to Rumba Rock Folk Twist !.. The songs are delivered by Nicks quirky distinctive vocals which have been likened to a cross between Sparks vocalist Russell Mael and Marc Bolan... So if you're after quirk strangeness and charm Wax Collector are worth checking out.

ChickenShit Blues Band  weblinkweblink

Having been spectators at our open-mic night for some time, "Junkyard Jack" (vocals/guitar) and "Mudslide Steve" (lead/slide guitar) decided they should do something themselves, and so the ChickenShit Blues Band were born. They mix classic blues (Elmore James, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, etc.) with the occasional forray into 'alt-garage-rock-blues' territory  (Velvet Underground, Seasick Steve). Great stuff!